Dante's Hell Animated is one of a series of films based on Dante's Inferno story produced and directed by Boris Acosta, who is giving 10% of his earnings to charity to promote the study and reading of The Divine Comedy worldwide.

Dante's Hell Animated is based on Dino Di Durante's paintings of Dante's Hell, which started as a series of comic magazines, with the help of Avetik Balain. Later on , Riccardo Pratesi joined the team to offer his expertise, as a Dantologist, to help interprete Dante's poem accurately. Then, a few ideas came in and we decided to give it a try with a few animators. After a few trials by three animators, Senthil Kumar joined the team to develop some animation clips, then Angelo Acosta took the leadership to speed up the animation process and to create new clips. It has been a long journey since the inception of the illustrations themselves, making changes during 7 long years and ending up with between 50 and over 100 versions of each independent image of the 72-piece art collection.

Finally, under the artistic direction of Boris Acosta, Riccardo Pratesi's expertise in the recitation of The Divine Comedy, and the addition of music composer Aldo De Tata, everything was put together as a precious 15-minute animation film in primitive Italian, with a single voice by Riccardo Pratesi. Then, it expanded little by little into a 39-minute final film in two versions, Italian and English. The Italian version, Inferno Dantesco Animato, continued to evolve with the addition of Beatrice's and Virgil's voices, by Silvia Colloca and Vittorio Matteucci and much later the incredible voice of Vittorio Gassman's as Dante. Before adding Gassman's voice, we created the English version with the artistc craft brought by Eric Roberts (Dante), Vincent Spano (Virgil) and Nia Peeples (Beatrice). Later on, during the production process other characters' voices were added, see the the entire cast in the Stars page.

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